License to Kill - a Way of Art

Magazine: Faces

November 2017


A lot can get lost in translation, but thanks to a good friend, this German article reads something like this:

This guy makes food real again as it is not about all the fancy hipster stuff (small portions, big money) but REAL meat, sausages, mince in a high-quality way.  He is an ethical caveman who wants to show the art of proper slaughtering (with all the blood and bones). He loves animals and believes in treating them right which also includes the way in which they will be slaughtered.  He has DVD’s to teach slaughtering which includes his “dance” and arty way of cutting a whole animal into the right pieces.  His dream is to have a ranch (as he is from Texas) and set up a school for proper slaughtering. They call him the Calvin Klein Model with the charm of Crocodile Dundee.


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