Even from the beginning, it was always more than just meat.  





Jack is a self-professed carnivore with an enthusiasm for new developments in sustainable, ethical, and locally sourced food production. In his quest to educate both consumers and meat professionals alike, Jack informs audiences about the differences between organic, grass-fed, and pasture-raised meat choices. Through his workshops Jack demonstrates the various uses of all cuts showing, for example, that tongue, when cooked correctly, can be just as flavorful as a rib eye and at a fraction of the cost.



Jack’s strives to satiate all levels of meat consumers by expanding their knowledge of various species, cuts and preparation methods in hopes of transforming ordinary meat eaters into taste connoisseurs. He encourages everyone to join the chase in seeking out the greatest flavors meat has to offer. By encouraging people to step outside their culinary comfort zones and discover the unique flavors held in pâtés, boudins, and other traditional European dishes, Jack strives to change the way people think about and consume meat. By sharing the story of each animal from farm to plate, Jack shows his audience why the organic, pasture raised pork chop costing $8 is much more satisfying than the $1 “industrial factory” pork chop. 

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Stories and adventures are the key ingredients in which Jack welcomes folks into his world of ethically responsible and delectable meat. It did not take long for Jack to be swept up into the spellbinding world of whole animal butchery and charcuterie. He shares this message with consumers and fans with every precise stroke of his knife and every crank of his sausage stuffer. Did Jack ever tell you about his flight back from NYC when he was detained with a fresh hog’s head and a scabbard full of knives at LaGuardia’s ticket counter? Or about his free bus ride from Italy to France because the bus driver mistook him for Crocodile Dundee? No? He will. 




It all began when a German food activist and author of, Crafted Meat, joined a Danish butcher with a vision. Together, the two of them created the first international meat summit, held in Copenhagen, Denmark, the summer of 2016. Butchers came from around the world: London, Amsterdam, Gascony, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Oregon… and of course Texas. Together, we created the Butchers Manifesto, a pledge to quality and transparent meat, traditional methods of butchery, and the unification and expansion of the craft butcher collective.

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We honor the valuable traditions
of butchery.



We insist on transparent and
honest meat.



We promote the exchange of knowledge
and expertise.



We represent a craft that is the joyful expression of tradition and innovation.

Butcher's Manifesto at  Folkets Madhus.


We lead the conversation about responsible consumption of meat.

Yes, it probably doesn’t seem like much; however, there is a lot of thought and conversation behind these five short lines.
— Jack Matusek